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About Us

About Yaletown Store

Yaletown Co. Suppliers was founded on the belief that work and study doesn’t have to be as monotonous as it sounds. People spend around 50% of their day either working or studying, so we wanted to give people a chance to make it a little more inviting and bring a little bit of sparkle into their lives.

When you are happy and feel confident within yourself, then you are more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment when it comes to work. And if your environment and tools are well organized and looking good, then there’s no limit to how much you can accomplish!

This is why we launched Yaletown Co. Suppliers. As women working in the professional field we wanted to stand out with our accessories while still making the style our own. We understand that styling your workspace to suit you and your needs is essential to a great workflow – and it shouldn’t have to come at a great cost either. We wanted to offer our customers somewhere they can find notebooks, journals, laptops bags, desk accessories and phone cases in one easy shop and at affordable prices.

Everyday we are inspired by the positive attitude and work ethic of our fellow ladies and strive to embody that within our store.

Everyday we are learning, changing and growing.